Long Term Keto

Happy New Year everyone! I know that a lot of us are finalizing (and hopefully implementing) our new year’s resolutions and many probably have some form of lose weight, get healthy, cure my type 2 diabetes or similar. As you may know, if you have that last one, I believe a ketogenic diet is one of the best ways to achieve it. Even if you don’t, some version of a low carb, high fat diet (LCHF) is going to help you.

Most of us have failed at attaining one or two (thousand) of our past resolutions and a resolution tied to strictly limiting carbs seems ripe for failure. Sure you can probably give it a couple weeks, maybe even a month (I REALLY HOPE YOU DO! It gets easier after the first few weeks…) but at some point another holiday, family celebration, Super Bowl or something else will have you forgetting your resolution and Netflix-style binging some cake or pizza.

So what is a person to do? How can you eat a limited diet over the long term? The honest answer, YOU CAN’T. Just like a marathon runner sits down sometimes and a swimmer has to come onto dry land every now and again, you are going to eat beyond your restriction now and again. And just like those activities don’t make the runner and swimmer no longer an athlete. Your “cheat” doesn’t make you less resolute. If you don’t let it.

Like I’ve shared in previous posts, adopting a cheat meal (preferably dinner) once a week is probably a good idea as a long term strategy. And maybe once a month, turning Work It Wednesday into Whatever Wednesday would be okay. The upset stomach, headache and/or night sweats from eating a bunch of carbs once you’re fat-adapted will probably push you back towards cleaner eating 🙂

However, like most things, true long term success comes from having a change in mindset. When you can stop thinking of healthy eating as a diet and instead adopt it as a lifestyle, you’ll find that force you’ve been pushing against will turn into the momentum carrying you forward.

Best wishes for an awesome eighteen!

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