Healing begins with acceptance

Diabetes and insulin resistance is an epidemic in the US. Over 50% of Americans have elevated blood sugar and are on the path to Type 2 diabetes. This isn’t just true nationally, but locally here in Texas, even in Bexar County. In a recent presentation from the excellent 2 Keto Dudes here in San Antonio, they shared the following:

29 million Americans have diabetes – 8 million don’t know it.

2.2 million Texans have diabetes – 440 thousand don’t know it.

Just in Bexar County, 137 thousand people have diabetes.

In addition, somewhere between 30-45% of Americans have pre-diabetes.

Most of these people will suffer from complications like cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, diabetic retinopathy (blindness), and/or diabetic neuropathy (lower extremity amputations).

That’s a bunch of bad news!

The good news is that you are not alone! One out of every two people around you is either dealing with what you are going through or will be if they can’t take control of their blood sugar. Not only can you overcome this, but you can be a beacon to others that there is deliverance from the Type 2 Diabetes death sentence.

It all begins with acceptance. It’s the last stage of grieving and the first step in healing. You have an illness. It doesn’t make you a bad person or defective in some way. Many others are going through the same thing. You are not alone.

Healing by Acceptance

P.S. This is the first post in a theme I’ve planned called Motivation Monday. I plan to post against a different theme each weekday and at least once on the weekend. Check back often and share with others working to take back control of their body!

5 thoughts on “Healing begins with acceptance

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  1. Jason, I understand this issue first hand. My A1C was 6.9 last July. With some self discipline and a ketogenic approach, I went down to 5.8 by this last February. I’ve been struggling a bit since then, but I’m hoping to keep the momentum. I’ll find out how I’m currently doing in a month or so.

    Good luck!


    1. That’s great to hear that you’re aware of it, have accepted it and are making progress! The days you gain with your wonderful kids and wife will be worth far more than those moments chasing the next sugar spike. Keep at it friend!

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