An unquenchable mind

Many people falsely think that a person who is obese, suffering from Type 2 diabetes, or dealing with insulin resistance, is that way because of a lack of self-control. If only they could control themselves they wouldn’t be in this mess, right… They don’t accept it as a hormonal disease. In Sarah Hallberg’s 2015 Ted talk titled, Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines, she shares that this is not the case. If any blame needs to be placed it is on the advice that we’ve been given.

These guidelines along with the length of time it takes for a person’s body to succumb to insulin resistance, may lead people to think that they don’t need to worry. This is simply not true. She shares that almost 50% of adult Americans have diabetes or are pre-diabetic. This was in 2015 and it represents almost 120 million of us. Plus,

16-25% of normal weight adults are also insulin resistant.

So, we should follow the recommendations of the American Diabetes Association to address this, right? Not so fast! These like the FDA’s dietary guidelines haven’t been changed in decades and have helped lead to this epidemic. What would be better?

You may have read my posts on #PUREresults or My Keto Manifesto to get a glimpse into my thoughts on how to treat this. But really, my best advice is to cultivate an unquenchable mind. Watching videos like the one referenced (and linked) above, reading books, papers and blogs, listening to podcasts. These all are going to provide you not only the knowledge but the skills of discipline needed to overcome this illness.

Carrying around little quotes like the below, my favorite from the video (you REALLY should watch it) can do so much to give you the right perspective on this.

Consider carbs, first, here’s a shocker for you…We don’t need them. Seriously, our minimum daily requirement for carbohydrates is ZERO. We have essential amino acids, those are proteins; essential fatty acids, but nope, no essential carb.

Speaking of perspective, yesterday’s post, Who’s got the time? has an interesting take worth checking out. I hope you will.

Please like, share and comment below.  I’d love to “chomp on” some of your morsels of health knowledge. Have a good one!

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