Welcome to not2long.blog!

Hi All,

Thanks so much for your patience over the last few weeks. As I shared in my last post, I have been working through a site upgrade to make this blog more accessible and available to the world. The first step in doing this was to add a domain name that is a little easier to remember than the original one that contained “wordpress.com.”

Now you can access the blog (and share with others) @ not2long.blog. I didn’t stop there, but have also added not2long.com as a site address that can be used to bring you here. (Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that not all websites end in .com…)

While there have been some graphical updates, the majority of the changes took place on the back-end. The site has been opened up to a number of search engines and I’m happy to share that the site’s been visited from half a dozen other countries since.

I’m so happy to get the word out about my deliverance from Type 2 diabetes and look forward to hearing from others about their journey (struggles and successes) in doing the same.

I know that the best way to reach someone who is dealing with the effects of insulin resistance / metabolic syndrome is face to face. I really appreciate whenever someone shares the site with a family or friend who is going through this.

I’m continually looking to improve this site (and myself). Any feedback you have is greatly appreciated. Have a good one!


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