Smacked with a Cast Iron Skillet (or two)

I did it! I more than doubled the length of time my post is late from yesterday. Wait!…that’s not something to be proud of. My sincerest apologies! (and don’t say I’m not sincere because I like to joke around a lot). I had one of those days that made me feel like I’d been struck by a cast iron skillet (or two). At first I thought this was simple misfortune like I spoke of yesterday in Missed Opportunities, but I’ve learned that misfortune is often opportunity in disguise (seriously, you should read it to see what I mean).

Here it is, Tool Tuesday, and I was blanking on what to share today until I found my inspiration from those cast iron skillets I’d been struck with. It is common when starting a new healthy lifestyle (much better than a diet) to need to get a few supplies for cooking at home and/or trying new dishes. One item that I’ve found to be invaluable is a cast iron skillet. As I’ve been eating more meats, I’ve found that a cast iron skillet provides excellent heat distribution and applies a sear to those meat cuts better than any non-stick or stainless pan I have. I also love it for crisping up my shaved brussel sprouts applying a smoky sheen to those little cabbages. (I promise that recipe will be coming to a Foodie Friday post near you!)

They do however require a little more care than stainless steel dishes. In order to keep food from sticking to them, they need to be seasoned. You also can’t leave water soaking in them to remove residues. Lodge, one of the largest sellers of cast iron skillets, has a page full of tips for taking care of them which includes videos and more. One of the most important considerations is how you clean them. For that, I know no better source than watching Cowboy Kent Rollins’ Easy Trick to Clean Cast Iron Youtube video. (It’s entertaining even if you don’t have a cast iron skillet!)

So how do I get in this cast iron skillet game you may ask? For two more days, Costco has a sale for two Tramontina cast iron skillets, 12″ and 10″ with removable silicone handle covers for $21.99. (These commonly go for $50 each or more at other department stores.) Check out the details on if you’re interested. You’ll be glad you did!


Thanks for sticking in with me. I’ll figure out this daily cadence thing sooner or later. In the meantime, be well and take care of yourself!

Please share, like and comment below and use a cast iron skillet liberally!


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