Walk it Out!

It’s Work It Wednesday and I’m wondering if you’re prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Ok, maybe I’m not really wondering that. I really just wanted to share the importance of walking for lowering elevated blood sugar levels. I mean, but really, have you seen how much walking the survivors do? There’s no better time to start practicing for the inevitable.

I love a good long walk early in the morning. I grab our golden retriever Sunny and we head out to experience the cool air (joking, South Texas almost never has cool air!) A plethora of studies has shown that a moderate extended walk is one of the most effective methods for lowering your blood sugar. So a 45 minute walk at a steady pace (like one where a 60 pound dog would be pulling you along) is optimal.  Once you start to go over about 60 minutes you start seeing diminishing returns. Also, quick high intensity exercise can actually raise your blood sugar and insulin levels temporarily. (I’m not saying this should be avoided as there are long term benefits and higher calorie expenditures. Check out last Wednesdays post to find out more, Let’s Hiit It!)

Another reason I love a good long walk is that it allows me to connect with things around me. You will see neighbors and changes that are happening in your neighborhood. You get to experience nature and other surroundings. Best of all, you get to connect with your own mind. I find that on days where I’ve gone for an extended walk, I am more focused on the work ahead and get more done that day. I find that during my walk I may have come into some new ideas or perspectives on business and family dealings. I find that I have more energy throughout the rest of the day. And lastly, I find that I sleep better that night.

A walk right after eating a meal has other added benefits. It helps limit the blood sugar spike you experience from carbs and even excess protein. This results in lower levels of insulin allowing your body to burn through the fat you’ve eaten (and are carrying with you). Bonus!

If I can’t grab a morning walk with the dog, I’ll often grab an evening walk with my wife or one of my kids. These are invaluable, being able to focus on the other person and what’s going on in their world. It seems like this barely ever happens anymore with everyone’s eyes constantly on a screen of some type.

I’m sure I could come up with a hundred additional benefits but you know I try to keep my posts, not2long. So get outside, go for a walk, connect with people, your surroundings and be happy knowing your one step closer to being prepared for a zombie apocalypse. (One step…hehe…I didn’t even mean to do that!)

keep calm and walk it out

Please share, like and comment below. I’d love to hear more tips on preparing for the impending zombie apocalypse. Have a good one!

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