Shoe Love

Are your feet killing you? Do you look like this after even a moderate workout?

Female Athlete trying to stretch

I know for some this will be your favorite not2long blog post. Yes, I’m looking at you with the walk in closet that no one can actually walk in because of all the shoes lining the floor… 😉 The importance of having supportive shoes well-fitted to your feet is real, especially to those looking to use exercise as a complement to your healthy eating lifestyle.

Even if you aren’t up for a high intensity interval training workout (like I detailed in Let’s HIIT it!), you still need a quality set of shoes to take on blood-sugar lowering walks (or to outrun zombies like I shared in Walk it out!) Insert reminder that The Walking Dead returns this Sunday October 22nd for those preparing to survive more than just the holidays… 😛

I remember looking around my closet shortly after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and saw that the only shoes I’d purchased in the last ten years were the cheapest I could find that would keep me from being laughed out of any social engagement I attended. I threw on what looked like the sportiest pair and started my regular walks. It wasn’t long before I started experiencing consistent foot pain. This wasn’t diabetic foot pain caused by poor circulation or nerve problems (for more on that see Diabetes and Foot Problems). This was simply foot pain due to ill-fitting, poorly constructed shoes.

I was serious about combating this diagnosis so I continued on, allowing the pain to continue growing until it got unbearable. The bigger problem was, I didn’t really know where to find a good fit for my feet. Luckily, a friend told me about getting fitted at a New Balance store. He said, “even if you don’t buy shoes from there, you’ll have a good idea of what to look for and what type of inserts you might need.” I did end up getting a pair of shoes that were fitted to my foot’s shape, heel and arch. I also invested in inserts with a metatarsal pad to help relieve pressure from the ball of my foot. Nearly immediately my foot pain cleared up and I was able to increase my stamina and performance.

If you’re looking to replace your wardrobe someday, start with your shoes!

Check out How to Select the Right Athletic Shoes for more tips from the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society.

Please like, share and comment below. I’d love to hear any tips you have for keeping your feet feeling fine. Have a good one!

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