We have cold water!

I’m so happy that Fall has decided to descend on South Texas again. Maybe enough people made the Pumpkin Spice Muffins I posted on Friday in Pumpkin Spice Paradise to usher Autumn back to us. 🙂 I went to bed last night anticipating this morning as I knew that it would be below 50 degrees overnight.

I have this quirky little ritual I love to do on mornings like this, where I wake up, go into our bathroom, turn on the cold water and splash my face with it. I find it so refreshing!

You see, in South Texas the two knobs on our water faucets usually provide hot water and very nearly hot water. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and genuinely miss the feeling of anything cold that wasn’t provided through some form of refrigeration.

Most of the year, the weather in South Texas keeps the water from the tap pretty warm. I was reflecting on this when a thought came to my mind,

If the weather affects the temperature of the water from the faucet, I wonder what the weather around me does to my temperature?

Am I letting the circumstances that surround me affect how I see the world? how I feel about myself? how I treat others? How about you?

Please like, share and comment below. I’d love to hear your perspective on how life’s circumstances affect your temperature. Have a good one!

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