Sweat it out!

Recently I was listening to a discussion on how the human ability to sweat is a significant biological advantage for survival. See, humans are one of the only mammals that can sweat over their whole body. While there are other mammals that have some sweat glands, most have other methods for regulating their temperature.

While dogs do sweat in between the pads of their paws, their primary method of cooling off comes from panting. Similarly, horses do sweat from their arm(leg)pits, but you’ve likely seen one with its tongue hanging out as well.

Imagine you were being chased by a wild animal. You may not be as fast as they are, but given enough head start, you may well be able to outlast the chasing animal because of your ability to keep from overheating. 

This was an interesting insight to me as I’ve often wondered why Sunny, our golden retriever, starts our walks stretching the leash as much as possible and by the end of our walk, she is trotting along side me to keep pace.

So what other benefits does sweating have?

  1. Sweat releases toxins from our bodies. We clear cholesterol, alcohol and excess salt when we sweat. No wonder I sweat so much at a ballgame!
  2. Sweating causes us to need to hydrate more which flushes out our system, reducing the likelihood of kidney stones for those on a high fat, high salt diet.
  3. Sweating acts as an antibiotic. It spreads highly efficient antibiotics on our skin, helping minor cuts, scratches and big bites.
  4. Sweating helps combat acne. It opens your pores allowing them to release grit and grime containing bacteria that leads to zits.
  5. Sweating cools and calms. It’s your own personal AC system. Your mood improves when your temperature reduces and you feel the benefits of the activity that led you to sweat.

So don’t worry when others see you sweat. They are simply seeing you bloom.

If sweating too much isn’t really your thing, you should see Walk it out! for motivation of a slightly different kind.

Please like, share and comment below. I’d love to hear your reaction to getting a good sweat going. Have a good one!

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