Taking a short vacation

Hi All,

I will be taking a short vacation while I celebrate 18 years of marriage and more. I’ll resume my regular blogging schedule next Keto Thursday. Thanks for your understanding! Perhaps you could take a second to see if you’ve missed any posts you’d want to see…

Salvation Sunday

Mr. Roelofs, or How I learned to stop worrying and love fat

A Fresh Start Every Morning!

Storms in your Life

Little by Little

You need rest

Time to Celebrate!

Motivation Monday

Healing begins with acceptance

Doing the Impossible

Missed Opportunities

Perfectly Human

Who’s got the time?

Restoration isn’t just for cars

Tool Tuesday

You can’t control what you can’t measure

Be the Example

Smacked with a Cast Iron Skillet (or two)

5 Years

An unquenchable mind

Watch me work

Work It Wednesday

Investing in Yourself

Let’s HIIT it!

Walk it Out!

Don’t overestimate me

Exercising your brain

Sweat it out!

Keto Thursday

My Keto Manifesto

What is Keto?

Dealing with the Keto Flu

Atkins vs Keto

Insomnia on Keto

Foodie Friday

Have an eggcellent morning!

Brisket in the Storm


Cheesy Bacon Spinach Dip – NFL and Keto Approved

Powered up like Popeye

Hope everyone has as great a week ahead as I’m expecting!

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